Our Values

Our Values

Trust, Responsibility, Excellence, Quality, Safety


We always strive for the best. We realize that this comes down to wanting to achieve goals in an environment where transformation is perpetually shifting the lines. It requires full commitment, to surpass yourself.
To achieve this, the commitment of our teams is total. Excellence is our hallmark. For AQS, excellence means:
- Offering an optimal customer experience, for the best value for money, thanks to proven processes and confirmed talents.
- Be tenacious, a reliable partner, on which our customers, our partners and our teams can count.
- Believe in innovation and place continuous improvement at the top of our priorities.


In a world in perpetual movement, we are determined to surpass ourselves to find, each time, the right solution by intelligently combining talent and technology. Determined to go beyond what our customers expect in order to meet their needs, with simplicity, fluidity and more human relationships.
For AQS, creativity means:
- Share and capitalize on our expertise, our experiences, our partnerships and our talents.
- We are convinced that when it comes to service, people make all the difference.
- Be ingenious and agile, to always better anticipate.
- Imagine the best solution, be innovative to achieve effective results: the impossible is not part of our dictionary.


Honesty, respect and integrity are core values of our company that dictate our professional conduct towards our customers, our employees and our partners.
We will always offer our customers product and service solutions that are better suited to their projects, by listening attentively and accurately analyzing their needs.
These qualities of probity and honesty must be total and reflected, within our company and outside, through exemplary behavior and conduct whose actions are irreproachable.


Loyalty is a major quality of our employees in professional relations with their superiors but also in respecting the commitments made with our customers. It is manifested by the sincerity of its convictions but also by loyalty and respect for company rules, procedures and objectives.