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Wire Rod

High quality wire rode of round section with a variety of diameters 5,5 mm up to 14 mm, the smooth wire rod is obtained by hot ro ...

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Our steel products are hot rolled destined for multiple usage, mainly for high adhesion construction.

 Welded rebar produced by AQS is made in concordance to the ministry department in charge of the quality standard published on 8 marsh 1997.


Prod ...

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A billet is a section of metal used to roll into bars and profiles. It can be produced with ingots or directly by continuous casting.

The billets are used as raw materials or for extrusion, forging, rolling and other metal processing operations.

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CDRI is the product of the direct reduction unit.

Firstly, it will be stored in product passivation silos, its transport is by conveyors.

After that, it will be stored in the warehouse for another use.

Production rate of 312 t / h. Assuming 8,000 hours of annual operation, this ...

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Aqs lcp produces high-grade calcined lime and dololime for captive consumption with a combined annual production capacity of 280,000 metric tons both.

Both high-grade lime and dololime are used extensively as a flux in the refining of the steel.

In the electric arc furnace, lime is pa ...

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