Community Engagement

Our community engagement

We are committed to playing an active role in our local communities through a wide range of projects that draw on our financial and non-financial resources. Our activities, focused on youth education, active living, the environment and entrepreneurship, create value for communities and our business by helping to strengthen social programs and support economic development.

We also need to create opportunities for employees to connect with their communities and give something back through employee fundraising or volunteer initiatives. We ensure that our community investment activities are relevant to us as a company and aligned with our core values. That’s why we’re always looking for programs and partnerships that align with our corporate values of acting as entrepreneurs, operating responsibly and believing in our people. To ensure that we maximize the impact of our support


We encourage employees to pursue their own interests in supporting the causes they hold dear. As such, our employees contribute to many causes by getting involved and tackling issues that impact people, communities and the environment. We also facilitate the volunteer activities carried out by AQS employees, so that we are always close to our community


We believe that supporting education helps meet some of the most pressing needs of our stakeholders. By strengthening the infrastructure, economy and talent within the communities in which we work, we contribute to the continued success of the company and its communities. Through these efforts, we are building important relationships of trust with our local and national stakeholders.


At all levels of our operations, we know that we are part of a larger whole: the environment in which we live and work. This translates into a greater sense of responsibility for optimizing natural resources and developing initiatives designed to limit the impact of our activities on our environment.