AQS successfully produces high quality steel products. This company is today one of the largest steel manufacturers in Algeria. Consistency, friendliness, mutual trust and a look to future generations shape our company. Since its inception, sustainability has been an integral part of AQS ‘ values and philosophy. For us, it is of course not only a question of aiming for short-term economic success, but also of growing the company in a sustainable way by acting with a social and ecological conscience. The principle of responsibility is the foundation and the source of our actions, guiding our activities in all areas of the company. It is a way of working that takes care of people as well as raw materials, energy and waste. Economic performance and stability are essential to the existence of our business. Only sustainable and profitable growth secures our entrepreneurial freedom and protects jobs. AQS always subordinates the short-term effect to a comprehensive strategy. A positive long-term outlook is vital for strategic decisions.

Our Approach

We pursue a long-term sustainability approach

Priority is given to the quality and safety of our products, our employees, the supply chain and the environment, the most valuable place in our overall strategy.


Excellence - Innovation - Integrity

Rigor at the highest level

Our aim is to ensure consistently high product quality and our quality management process guarantees this.

This includes our regularly certified production plants, transparent standards, as well as test labs with powerful technology. Product manufacturing at AQS starts "from scratch". We prefer to manufacture our steel ourselves in accordance with the highest safety standards. A consistent and well-trained workforce ensures the consistent quality and safety of our successful products

AQS Rigor at the highest level

Environment and Sustainable Development

Our control over the advanced technology available in the steel industry, it allows us to address most environmental impacts (air, land and water), especially those related to climate change, and help bring about positive change. measurable. We work to meet the requirements of partners and different interested parties by working in a transparent and accountable manner. Through the continued application of mitigation measures and the continuous improvement of data collection, we aim to make significant progress in the field of environmental protection. Recycling iron and its by-products is a good opportunity to promote a circular economy. We comply with all regulatory and legal requirements related to the protection of the environment, and we also put in place procedures to ensure compliance with applicable environmental standards, which allows us to ensure that all environmental permits and tools, devices and monitoring equipment periodically updated in accordance with the provisions of the legislator.

Health and security

At Algerian Qatari Steel, promoting safety and preventing accidents at work is one of the main areas of interest for everyone. Indeed, safety is always our top priority, to achieve our goal of zero casualties we must build a safety-focused culture wherever we operate. Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely, with the highest quality, and with respect and care for the environment in which we operate. Algerian Qatari Steel adopts a management system that makes health and safety a fundamental business principle. Ongoing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to occupational health and safety Health and safety systems, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and modified with the participation of employees. Our ultimate goal is to continue to meet global standards related to occupational health and safety, in particular ISO 45001:2018